Best Design Apps for iPad Artists

Finger drawing has ceased to be only childish fun. By turning on the iPad and running a special program on it, you can sketch and design on a professional level. To find a proper app among dozens of those on the App Store that matches all your needs is complicated. That's why we've come up with this review. Check the 5 most efficient iPad apps for creation and design.

Top 5 Best Drawing Apps

Adobe Fresco

Adobe Fresco application picture

Adobe has released the advanced Fresco drawing application for the iPad. It has many watercolor and oil brushes that work like real ones. What is more pleasing is that the application is free to use. Adobe Fresco has many features for illustrators and designers with different skill levels. You can use vector and raster brushes, as well as mix and grind oil paints. Many functions work on the basis of artificial intelligence. For a better experience, we recommend using the Apple Pencil stylus.

To launch Adobe Fresco, you need iOS 12.4 and higher. The application works on all models of the iPad Pro, iPad Air 3rd generation, iPad fifth, and sixth generation, as well as iPad mini fifth generation.


Procreate application picture

Procreate is probably one of the most popular and advanced multifunctional tools for drawing, illustrating, and creating sketches. The application, which became the choice of the App Store editors, fell into the "Essentials" and was the winner of the Apple Design Awards. Procreate contains a complete tool kit for a professional artist.

The application is based on Silica M, the fastest 64-bit engine on iOS. It offers 64-bit colors, 136 superbly made brushes, huge resolution canvases, an advanced layer system, and many other useful features. To use all features and options of Procreate, you have to pay $9.99. 


Notability application picture

Notability is a simple application for taking notes, creating abstracts, sketches, commenting on documents, and much more. You can capture ideas by writing notes or making audio recordings and photos. All information entered in Notability will be synchronized between all your devices. All the bad notebooks are the same, but the good ones are worth telling individually. The first thing to start with is the price. It is reasonable to use Notability in conjunction between a computer and a smartphone/tablet. Therefore, you have to fork out because the iPad version costs $7.99, and the desktop $5.99.

Notability is extremely useful for authors and students. The application provides a wide range of tools for managing abstracts, summaries, articles, and essays. Notability is a real chance to make your life free of paper.

Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint picture

Clip Studio Paint is designed specifically for manga, comic and graphic artists. It offers many features for illustration and animation and supports both raster and vector layers with powerful tools. If you want to bring your stories and illustrations to life in the form of comics, then Celsys Clip Studio Paint is an excellent place to start.

Clip Studio Paint supports various image formats, including JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, and Targa. The program also supports Photoshop documents, IllustStudio documents, and ComicStudio page files for your convenience. The application is backward compatible with Manga Studio 4 EX and four debut files, which allows you to import CPG and CST files.

The program provides many drawing tools, including pens, pencils, and brushes (brush effects), to create the illustrations. All featured tools come with advanced coloring options that include predefined colors and the ability to create custom color sets and mix colors. Clip Studio Paint also provides professional text functions that allow you to customize the spacing between letters, words, and lines and mix fonts. You can use raster, vector, and adjustment vector tools for viewing the centerline of vectors to smooth out problem areas, templates to save time on projects, and comic panels that can be customized to compile your artwork.

Clip Studio Paint is available for $9.99 in the App Store.

Picta Graphic

Picta Graphic application picture

From the very first launch, the Graphic app makes you fall in love with it. Styled in the color of wet asphalt tones, with a bunch of settings and useful features at hand, this app can become your favorite easily. The arsenal of tools for creating and processing graphics is selected very well.

There are geometric basics, as well as the rest of the gentleman's set in the form of brushes, pencils, text, and more. Of course, this is not the main thing, but such trifles demonstrate the concept of Picta Graphic app, which strives to place all its potential to you immediately. This powerful app is a great choice for both professionals and newbies. It contains a detailed guide on navigation and use, so you don't have to be a wiseacre to use it for your work. The Picta Graphic app costs $9.99.

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