What do You Need on a Trip?

When it comes to any trip, everything does matter, if you want to reach all the places you crave to see in time. The mobile applications are able to arrange almost anything in your journey in the best way possible. They allow to save your money and time, to remember all the details and to monitor changes in various schedules. Definitely you may face some difficulty with understanding foreign languages. But if you have a translator on your smartphone at your fingertips, you will meet this challenge without sweat. Here we want to describe several applications which are highly recommended to take along.

Take away the stress of travel

man relaxing on his vacation


omio app screen

If you are going to visit any European city, you should download Omio. This application suggests beneficial routes for buses, trains, and aircrafts between various countries. You can book a seat which will wait until you are sure of the day of your departure. The destination can be added to a “to do” list. When you are ready, you are suggested to buy the tickets using this app.


hostelworld app screen

If you want to save on accommodation, Hostelworld will be of help. It provides access to tons of hostels with a splendid view, a full kitchen, and other attractive options with pictures, descriptions, current prices allowing you to select the most appropriate variant. In order to get the fullest idea of the place, read reviews. It is easy to book through the app.

Google Translate

google translate app screen

If you are not a polyglot and still going to visit foreign country, don’t forget about Google Translate. Even if it sounds obvious, we would rather draw your attention to this tool. Though it is still not perfect, we should confess, if we speak about short phrases, menus, standard notifications, and simple conversations, it will cope with those tasks easily delivering an adequate translation. There is a cera option translating a picture also.


sidekix app screen

Those who prefer walking around the towns, enjoying sights and architecture, should consider Sidekix. This app delivers you a comprehensive navigation along the fastest and most interesting routes. You are able to customize your interests and Sidekix will develop the best route in accordance with them.

Take Waze

take waze app screen

You definitely will need an online map of a foreign city. Take Waze will tell you the traffic details and build an accurate path to your destination. This is a must-have if you are travelling by car.


Airbnb app screen

Airbnb is perfect for non-capital locations. It is packed with useful accommodation options. It does not restrict you with the most expensive hotels and, on the contrary, the cheapest hostels. Here you will find a nice room in a local’s home at a reasonable price or an acceptable equipped house for rent. The app runs in a smooth and reliable manner.


uber app screen

Uber is another application developed for lovers of city tours. This ride-sharing app helps you to enjoy a new town without knowing its ins-and-outs. Just create your account, enter your destination and meet your driver tracking his arrival on the map. The process is fast and easy from start to finish.


Accuweather app screen

It is so important to know the weather conditions when you are on a trip, that is why any app providing such information with various level of detail is essential. We would recommend Accuweather. It gives you any information to plan for a journey. Enjoy up to 15-day forecasts developed for your current GPS location. This app can be used abroad that is why it’s perfect for such purposes.

The right choice

You know it is an awful thing to be unprepared for your journey. Confusion causes delays and failures which are able to spoil the trip and even to make it dangerous or impossible. That is why you should keep in mind almost any detail of your plan and track it to be sure that you are able to control the process and possible amendments. Moreover, it is much easier to do a lot of things remotely without visiting a place in person like to look through available flights and choose the best, to book a room in the hotel, to find out the schedule for various venues, to read menus and to consider pricing in the restaurant before going there for lunch.

And you can arrange all the above with the help of mobile applications. With plenty of various products available on both Apple and Android app stores, finding the best for your needs isn't easy. When you travel, some apps are able to enhance your vacation, while many others just waste your time and your device space. That is why we believe the above recommendations will be useful for you.

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