Noximilian the Clockmaker

Noximilian the Clockmaker
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Noximilian the Clockmaker Review

Noximilian the Clockmaker is an application by Ankama Animations. Noximilian the Clockmaker was first published on . The app is available for Steam.

About This Video

Noximilian, good family father and genius clockmaker finds an old artifact : the Eliacube. Fascinated, he starts to study the strange device, until it becomes an obsession.The Xelor's clock gets upset, only his family stands between his madness and him. But Fate never stops its course and sooner or later the clockmaker
will face it. Ogrest's Chaos has started, the Era of Wakfu is coming and it needs an Arch-villain ! Discover the past of Nox, the evil Xelor of WAKFU Season 1 !

This special episode was produced in Japan and features a radically different art style from the original anime series.

English and French Versions Included

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Graphics 8.7

Gameplay 7.7

Replay Value 10

The Bottom Line 8.8

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